func_podcast – Episode 4

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It’s a little late, but here’s a special episode to talk about the announcement of Sentry!

This fourth episode is essentially an interview between Bradley and I. He asks me about the creation of the Sentry announcement trailer, as well as digging into the high level design of the game. We close out the discussion by touching on the benefits of working on an independent project.

Episode 4 – Sentry Reveal

The podcast is available on YouTube and can be viewed below. An audio only version is also available on Spotify or downloadable here.

Subjects discussed…

  • Making the trailer
  • What inspired Sentry?
  • The art style of Sentry
  • The tone of Sentry
  • The narrative of Sentry
  • Level design in Sentry
  • Enemy design discussion
  • Current development challenges
  • Moving to indie from AAA

As I mentioned at the top, this episode is a little late. Unfortunately a month or so ago I discovered that my new computer had a hardware fault, so I was unable to edit the podcast. Everything is repaired now, so we’re going to record another episode shortly. While we don’t have a strict recording schedule, at least one episode a month is our rough target. We still have an interview planned with the developers of Sprawl, so look forward to that soon.

Also, an update on audio quality – it’s much better! Feedback has been really positive. We don’t have a huge audience, but we’ll continue to work to make sure the quality is clean and clear for those that listen. I am aware I need to be a little less heavy-handed when I’m editing down pauses, but I’m trying to balance edit times so that they aren’t too overwhelming.

Thanks to everyone who listens, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any feedback!

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