Gamedev Recap 2022

// Reading Time: 2 minutes Here’s a wrap up video montage highlighting some of my game development achievements throughout 2022!

The Interval Released

// Reading Time: 2 minutes Back in May I took part in the Reload Magazine game jam and with a small team, created a small retro shooter known as “The Interval”.

#Blocktober: Project Borealis

// Reading Time: 5 minutes The #Blocktober post for my contributions to Project Borealis. Featuring a walkthrough of my design process building the Listening Post map.

Featured post


func_podcast – Episode 6

// Reading Time: 2 minutes In this sixth episode, we discuss our thoughts and reactions to this year’s Gamescom showcase, as well as the Haunted PS1 community EEK3 event.

SENTRY Music Interview

// Reading Time: < 1 minute SENTRY interview between Sean Noonan and Barry Topping for Save & Sound, covering the creation of the trailer soundtrack and score for the game.

func_podcast – Episode 5

// Reading Time: < 1 minute In this episode we talk about the recent wave of game remakes, touch on “The Interval” and discuss the fall of survival horror.