SENTRY Announced

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I can finally step from the shadows and talk a little about what I’ve been working on. I’m excited to finally announce SENTRY, a first person ship-defence shooter (still ironing out the kinks on how to describe it)…

SENTRY is an action-defense first person shooter where you defend your spaceship against a relentless alien threat. Use traps, turrets and environmental destruction to repel invading hordes and engage the enemy in fast-paced FPS action across a dynamic singleplayer or co-op campaign.

SENTRY is developed by a very small team known as Fireblade Software, where I’m heading up design duties. Those duties include both game and level design, so with a game this dynamic it’s going to be a tough but welcome challenge.

I’ll be talking more about the game soon, but until then you can wishlist the game over on Steam.