func_podcast – Episode 2

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So it turns out recording, editing and distributing a podcast is a lot of work, huh? Nevertheless, Bradley Toliver and I have recorded another game and level design podcast. This one weighs in at a hefty hour and sixteen minutes!

Following feedback on the previous podcast, Bradley fixed up his audio, and we both made a conscious effort to stay on topic (we could still do with tightening this up a little). Unfortunately, I feel my audio quality took a bit of a dip this time around; so I’ll be sure to fix that for future episodes.

Episode 2 – Push and Pull

The podcast is available on YouTube and can be viewed below. An audio only version is also available on Spotify or downloadable here.

Subjects discussed…

  • Design job application woes
  • Steam Next Fest
  • An approach to design; push and pull behaviour
  • “Stay classy, Kotaku”
  • Call of Duty skipping a year
  • Formalising a design process and improving game vision via referencing
  • I interview Bradley over his design approach for his Half-Life 2 mod, “Inhuman”

Games discussed: Turbo Overkill, My Friendly Neighborhood, Elsie, Souldiers, MGS5, Gears Tactics and Half-Life 2

In future episodes, I’m hoping we can focus more on specific subjects ahead of time so that the editing process is a little less time-consuming. That way we could perhaps settle on a schedule and build a routine around recording. I’m also considering making a bigger deal of the video. There’s nothing set in stone yet, but I’ll try some new ideas in the next episode.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. If you have any suggestions, questions or feedback, please let me know!

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