SENTRY is out now in Early Access on Steam

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I’m thrilled to announce that SENTRY is now available in Early Access on Steam!

Much like the combat trailer, I also created the Early Access release trailer! I’m really pleased with how it turned out, especially considering the tight schedule – it was quite a frantic process (and one I’d like to talk about in the future)! Still, I’m happy with the result and it’s boosted my confidence to tackle similar projects in the future.

The Release

It’s always rewarding to see a game I’ve developed over the years finally reach players, but this release feels particularly special. For the first time, I’ll have the opportunity to directly engage with player feedback and refine the game based on player insights. Working in a small team allows us to quickly address and resolve any issues, ensuring a responsive and agile development process. I’m so excited for what the future brings!

If you’d like to purchase SENTRY, then you can head on over to Steam and pick it up at a launch discount!