SENTRY Music Interview

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SENTRY was recently featured in the Save & Sound Steam event! SENTRY composer (and Jack B. Nimble collaborator) Barry Topping and I sat down for a chat about the music created for the trailer.

Apologies for my audio during this. It seems that something went wrong with the connection in my microphone. Luckily, most of the chat came from Barry anyway!

Dynamic Music

As discussed, SENTRY uses a dynamic music system, which adjusts according to the events in-game. Barry creates a fixed piece of music that he creates variations of, chops them into pieces that are used in different scenarios and makes stings to ensure a smooth transition between said pieces. You can hear an example of one of our combat tracks from the game below…

If you’d like to read more about the music system and Barry’s other work, he was recently featured in the games section of Magnetic Magazine. You can read that article here.

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