Released in 2020

Gears Tactics

Splash Damage | Lead Level Designer | ~3 years

Following the release of Star Citizen 2.6’s final point release I sought a new challenge and joined Splash Damage. My first time living in London(ish)!

I started at Splash Damage as a Senior Level Designer working on the Gears Tactics vertical slice before moving into the Lead Level Designer role a little into production.


  • Leading a team of level designers to create level content
  • Running a multi-discipline feature team
  • Directing campaign game content
  • Maintaining the quality of the game’s campaign
  • Training interns and junior level designers
  • Building levels from blockout through to final

Initally my role had me building and enforcing standards and metrics for level and mission content. On Gears Tactics, I took a lead by example approach. This was mostly taken care of in explorations as a part of early production. Most of my hands-on work in these early stages involved me building templates and archetypes for the level designers to build from and improve upon.

I responsible for reviewing, providing feedback and signing off missions and levels created by the level design team. In addition to this I also designed and implemented a number of campaign levels as well as a series of side missions.


  • “First Light”
  • “Left Behind”
  • “Dead End”
  • “Taking Stock”
  • “Burned Out”
  • “The Silo”
  • And roughly 10 side missions across the campaign

Some of my contributions were featured in a Gears Tactics Art Blast on ArtStation.

Gears Tactics was released to positive reviews.

Images and concept art © Microsoft Corporation