Star Citizen

Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games | Senior Designer

A little background…

After leaving Ubisoft Montreal, I returned to the UK to join Cloud Imperium Games’ UK studio, Foundry 42. I took a senior design role with the team, contributing to the Star Citizen project.

Star Citizen is an ambitious space simulator offering starship combat, first person shooting, trading, and socialising all within a seamless persistent universe.

Release Dates
Alpha 2.6 – 23 December 2016


Unlike the previous titles that I’ve worked on, Star Citizen is a live game, and therefore has a staggered release schedule. Content and features are released in packages as a part of public alphas. The bulk of my work was released within Alpha 2.6.0 through to 2.6.3. Some of my latter work was released in the Alpha 3.0.0 release at the end of 2017.


  • Building multiplayer levels and objective based team modes for Star Marine
  • Working closely with art to define a template modular kit for the level design team
  • Defining first person level design in the Squadron 42 vertical slice
  • Level design and scripting for a number of first person combat encounters across the campaign
  • Feature prototyping using the Flowgraph visual scripting tool
  • Working with procedural mission content

Squadron 42

In my first year, I spent the bulk of my time bringing my experience working on the Far Cry series to the FPS combat side of Star Citizen, specifically the on foot portions of Squadron 42 vertical slice. My contributions were to define metrics and shape the player experience when approaching missions across the game.


Upon completion of the vertical slice blockout, I mostly focused on bringing my open world knowledge and applying it to various missions within the campaign (unfortunately, all of this work is under NDA).

Star Marine

Following the completion of my work on the Squadron 42 campaign, I moved to the Star Marine team and headed up level design duties. I was the sole level designer for Star Marine and built the two levels featured within the initial release.


  • OP Station Demien
  • Echo 11

Star Marine shipped as a part of Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 on 23 December 2019. I supported the release for three point releases before moving onto the persistent universe team and assist with the 3.0.0 alpha release.