Gears Tactics Announced

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The dust has settled on E3 and a tonne of awesome titles have been announced. One of these titles was Gears Tactics, a game I am pleased to reveal that I am working on (as a senior level designer)! It’s great that I can finally disclose what I’ve been doing since starting at Splash Damage a year ago (I actually worked on the demo below).

With NDA fully in place, I won’t be talking about Gears Tactics a great deal here, but for those interested, here’s a transcript from the press release.

Strap in for this one Gears fans – Gears Tactics is a first in so many ways for the Gears franchise.

Not only is this the first ever true Gears PC experience our fans have been asking for, it’s also the first time Gears has ventured into a new genre: turn-based tactics.

So what is Gears Tactics? Developed in partnership with Splash Damage, you can expect a sweet sandwich of fast-paced brutal action and turn-based tactics including squad customization, upgradable weapons and abilities. Oh, and, it wouldn’t be Gears without some epic boss battles now would it?

Gears Tactics is in development now and will share more details including release timing at a later date.

Press Coverage

Gears Tactics has provided an awesome opportunity for me to expand my design experience to encompass the much-loved turn based tactics genre. I can’t wait for people to see more! Until then, here’s some coverage from various publications that I’ve gathered.

For more information, check out the Gears Twitter or the Gears of War website.