#Blocktober: Gears Tactics

// Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s Blocktober time again! And that means I get to talk about Gears Tactics some more (the console version is coming very soon)!

Having signed an NDA I’m a little limited in what I can show here. I am also no longer an employee of Splash Damage so I don’t have access to any development resources. However, before I left Splash Damage, some of my work was featured in the Art Station Gears Tactics art blast. You can also see the work of my old level design team too!

I’ve compiled some of the work I am able to show into the video below…

I had planned an in depth walkthrough on how I went about level design on Gears Tactics, but Splash Damage beat me to the punch! I did start by creating some annotations and metrics documents, one of which you can see below.

And you can find that awesome deep dive into level design on Gears Tactics from my former team, here.

There’s a little more detail over on the Gears Tactics portfolio page (especially surrounding the game’s vertical slice level). I’d like to come back and address the level production pipeline some time too. Perhaps from a lead level designer’s point of view? We’ll see, but for now, enjoy the blockouts!