New Year, New Website

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The Noonan Design website has been offline for a couple of months due to a database corruption following host migration. But honestly, the previous incarnation of Noonan.Design was so slow and creaking under it’s bloated wordpress template, it was long overdue a rework…

So may I present Noonan.Design 2.0! It maintains the previous site’s aesthetics but is a lot less bloated and far quicker to update. I was in two minds about staying with WordPress due to the aforementioned bloat, but it’s widespread use is not unwarranted – you just need to be picky about what plugins and themes to use.

The updated portfolio now features a little insight into the game development process with a personal edge, rather than simply reading like a wikipedia entry. I feel that further expansion of information with specific content such as level design or game design theory will be reserved for longform blog posts in order to keep portfolio entries quick to scan through.

I’ve slimmed down the social networks to just Twitter and YouTube as they’re my preferred means to communicate and share work. However, I am now also promoting the Noonan Design Discord, as it’s a good middle ground between this website and the usual social media channels.

The biography section has been updated to include my recent indie efforts as well as hint at my future projects (more on those later in the year). A lot has happened over the months that the website has been inaccessible and I feel that this page covers the highlights.

Unfortunately the blog is not quite ready and remains a work in progress. Migration of posts from the previous website is a manual progress and requires importing on a post-by-post basis. I will likely prune the less “evergreen” posts in favour of postmortems, game release updates, and any other content I feel will help game developers visiting the site. Additionally I will be adding several posts covering my more recent indie projects – these will be added retroactively.

And one last point before I go; I’m going to open up the comments section as a trial run. Let’s hope I don’t regret it.

Happy new year!

Edit – 25/04/2021: I am closing the comments section – I don’t believe they offered sufficient value to offset the spam.