Released in 2016

Far Cry Primal

Ubisoft Montreal | Level Designer | ~9 months

Shortly after shipping Far Cry 4, I began working on the next title in the Far Cry series; Far Cry Primal. This was my final release at Ubisoft Montreal.

My work was focused on a side character, Jayma the Hunter, and her associated missions; “On the Hunt”, “The Great Beast” and “The Tall Elk”. Additionally, I contributed to the animal taming tutorial in the mission, “Beast Master”. I was also responsible for the much reported Assassin’s Creed easter egg mission, “Fly Like Bird”.

I designed these levels using a white box/blockout approach, complimented by a base art kit to provide visual identity and intent. As with Far Cry 4, I was responsible for scripting the mission logic, which was done using Ubisoft’s extensive in-house scripting tools.


  • Design and implementation of both main and side mission content from concept until Alpha
  • Feature prototyping with the Domino visual scripting language
  • Amending tutorial content to respond to playtest data
  • Brainstorming and pre production team discussions

On top of my campaign work, I had the opportunity to design an outpost for the game. The “Tushwarha Outpost”, allowed me a chance to build a Far Cry encounter away from typical narrative constraints and focus on systemic gameplay. This is what I believe to be the core of the Far Cry experience; encounters that allow for an open approach to combat and scenarios that provide narrative through the environment.


  • “Beast Master”
  • “On The Hunt”
  • “The Great Beast”
  • “The Tall Elk”
  • “Fly Like A Bird”
  • The “Tushwarha” Outpost

I worked on my assigned content from pre production until alpha.

Images and concept art © Ubisoft Entertainment