My thoughts on the Doom Beta

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As Bethesda have announced that there will be an open beta, I thought I’d share some quick thoughts on the closed Doom beta.

Why does it look like Halo?

The two maps provided (Infernal and Heatwave) are strong. The level design is tight and there’s a lot of personality in every nook and cranny; exploration is rewarded here. There’s a good flow in both maps; both are similar in that they each house two large arenas with interconnecting corridors with a couple lines of sight between.

It’s all about getting the high ground and dropping on fools below, and yes, there’s a fair amount of platforming involved. I’m looking forward to getting back into these maps when the Doom beta opens up to the public in a couple days.

Why does it look like Halo?

Touching on the platforming, what this latest incarnation of Doom has lost in horizontal pace, it has made up for in verticality. The double jump and mantling are great additions and easily make up for the slower than expected pace, opening up higher level play where the high ground frequently rewards the player, but at the cost of exposure and less frequent cover. I love all of the little tunnels you can find to skip turns in corridors to customise your own runs through the map.

Why does it look like Halo?

I can’t quite get to grips with how long it takes to drop an enemy – I can’t tell if it’s armour pickups (to be expected) or the fact that there are killstreak rewards adding additional protection. It wasn’t the pentagram of protection or soul sphere, as I barely saw any pickups being used.

Why does it look like Halo?

The powerups are pretty great. Of the pickups available, I was only able to find Haste, and I’m already a fan, especially in combination with the Super Shotgun (messy). Surprisingly the demon gameplay is pretty fun too. Though it’s a shame you can’t pick up Haste or Quad in that state.

And yeah, it really does look like Halo. Did the Doom Marine really need to look that much like a Spartan? I’m so disappointed that id Software didn’t go the Quake 3 route, with a “id Software All Stars” of sorts, with your Ranger, Doom Marine, Sarge, Orb, etc. Instead we got a rather uninspired Halo inspired Doom Marine…. even down to the two weapon loadout limit.

Yeah, Doom has loadouts now, you know, like Halo.

Bonus edit: If you’re planning on participating in the Doom Open Beta on console this weekend, you may want to switch your control scheme to the “Strafe” option. You will thank me later!

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