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#screenshotsaturday Showcase – 30.01.16

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Screenshot Saturday 30.01.16

Just a quick #screenshotsaturday showcase today. I was pretty busy this weekend, though not with the Global Game Jam as there weren’t any venues near to me. I was actually working on a new project that I’m not quite ready to share just yet. Until then, here’s what I’ve been finishing off…

Jack B. Nimble

Rather than spending a weekend working on the final level, I thought I’d spend some time polishing Green Grove and Rocky Rapids. There’s still a little work to do, but they’re close to done. I’ve just got a couple of level specific bugs left to iron out, and Green Grove needs a preview image for the theme selection screen.

The game is coming along rather well, I’m not ready to give a release date yet, but my task list is rather short now, so hopefully not too long…

Untitled Project

I’m generally a little “over” the simple voxel style that’s been taking the indie world by storm post Crossy Road, but the simplicity in this caught my eye. I’m a real sucker for games where you can alter the play field, particularly if said alteration involves cleaning (see: Katamari Damacy).

The game is very early in development and is yet to be titled (link to tweet). This is another one for my watch list!

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

This looks excellent – like an interactive Futurama. It also reminds me a little of Bernband, an indie title that I loved. In fact, it inspired me to start working on this (more on that in a future update…).

It’s very rare that I’m interested in playing pre release content or early access, etc. but there are exceptions (Strafe and Super Hot to name two of my absolute favourites), this is another one of those games. You can sign up for beta access now.

Check back for more #screenshotsaturday posts next week!

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