Screenshot Saturday

#screenshotsaturday Showcase – 27.02.16

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Lots of good looking stuff checking all of my boxes this week. But first, self promotion!

Jack B. Nimble

Jack B. Nimble 4.0 Citadel GIFpromised I’d make a start on the final level, and here it is! I’m cheating here a little, as it’s Sunday, but here’s an updated look at it…

I still need to add all the parts that make it unique and tweak effects here and there, but that’s the basic visual treatment.

I’ve been unable to make another devlog recording, but I still have one or two planned. I just need to find the time and get the house to myself for recording. Until then, you can watch the first or second devlogs and leave me some feedback so I can improve!

Untitled Project

Game: N/A

Maybe it’s because my own old school FPS is on hold, but I just can’t get enough of them lately. Perhaps it’s the result of working a decade almost exclusively on open world titles? I just want to get back to the old school hardcore first person shooters that I grew up playing.

These robots look like something I would have enjoyed shooting in that aforementioned era. Though not even. The fidelity isn’t as basic as Wolfenstein, but then it isn’t as realistic as Doom. It’s somewhere in-between; this imaginary generation where games continued using limited palettes and sprites sizes, squeezing every drop of style we could. I approve.

I look forward to seeing them in game!

Warlock’s Tower

Obviously I’m drawn to the Game Boy aesthetic, especially if it’s paired with the style of my favourite Zelda title. The screenshot didn’t tell me a lot about the game, however a quick look at the twitter account’s website revealed the name of the game and that there is a playable demo.

It actually felt weird typing “demo” there, it’s like we’ve almost completely replaced the word with “alpha” or “beta”, whether or not we’re actually referring to that point in a game’s development schedule…

Warlock’s Tower is a simple little puzzle game that become devious rather quickly. It’s very Sokoban-esque and therefore can’t hold my attention for long periods, but I could see the install folder sitting on my desktop and the game being played on a rainy day.

Interestingly it’s made using the LÖVE2D framework for LUA, something a friend of mine recommended to me some time ago, though I never had the time to really try it out. Good to see a project using it!

Check back next week for another #screenshotsaturday showcase!