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#screenshotsaturday Showcase – 23.01.16

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Screenshot Saturday 23.01.16

There were a lot of good #screenshotsaturday images this weekend, but I’m sticking to my established format (Jack B. Nimble plus two other games that catch my eye). There’s only so much time I can dedicate to writing blog posts, I have a game to make after all…

Jack B. Nimble

It’s time for me to show the second of three new levels in the Jack B. Nimble, this time, Rocky Rapids.

This level came about as a result of wanting to change the form of the slow down mechanic – rather than a static patch of grass I thought it would be interesting if a slowly bobbing tide could slow the player down at timed intervals should they wade through it.

In practice it works quite well, though there’s a few balance issues thanks to the tide being controlled by dice rolls… random numbers can sometimes suck.

Last week I hoped I’d be starting on the final level, however, there were too many niggling things in Green Grove and Rocky Rapids for me to feel like I could move on. Next week perhaps.


I don’t know a whole lot about Halt, but it looks nice and that’s what #screenshotsaturday is about. I get some Adventure Time vibes from the sprite art, and the gameplay looks somewhere between Megaman and Contra.

The Twitter description states that the game is a “post-cyberpunk platform shooter with exhilarating action, eye-popping art and a thrilling tale”; doesn’t tell me much, but I eagerly await seeing more progress on this one in order to get a better idea of what the game is about.

Untitled Project

Game: N/A

A rather cute looking (currently untitled) Castlevania-like from Jason Pickering. Obviously I’m a huge Castlevania fan (I’m making a Castlevania-like of sorts myself) but I’m also into that Pico-8 aesthetic that’s been doing the rounds as of late; maximum detail with minimal pixels.

While the game appears to break some pixel art “rules” by clearly leaving the pixel grid and relying a lot on alpha transparency, I really like how it all comes together. I just hope there aren’t any rotated pixels – that’s something the pixel art snob in me just cannot get past.

The game currently lacks a name, with the developer currently referring to it as the “castlevania game” for the time being. Very much wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve.

Come back next week for another #screenshotsaturday showcase!

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