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#screenshotsaturday Showcase – 20.02.16

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Okay, time to get this blog back on track after my week-long hiatus (I had a Valentine’s weekend with my favourite person).  I didn’t have to scour the Screenshot Saturday hashtag for very long this week. Some great looking stuff… but first up, my game!

Jack B. Nimble

I’ve been attempting to fix up a number of issues in the animation speeds (in particular, the run cycle). It’s not quite perfect, but I’m still making adjustments to how the game increases in speed over time, so visual changes will still occur.

I had some great feedback on the last devlog video, so I’ll be doing another one of those in the next couple of days.

I’v also finally started work on the final level! Expect to see footage of that next week…


I’ve been following this one for a while already, so it’s about time I helped plug it a little.

Gibhard gives me some seriously strong Duke Nukem 3D vibes; what with the mix of 2D and 3D assets, floating enemies, and vertical level design. It instantly brings to mind hunting for secrets in Hollywood Holocaust. That being said, it’s not simply a retread, the aesthetics look unique and colourful; far more similar in style to Unreal or Quake 2.

I’m really loving these love letters to the shooters of old. If you like the look of Gibhard, you might like some other Quake-likes; the recently released Devil Daggers, and the upcoming Strafe. As well as those, Scott Morin and myself are working on our own love letter to the genre… though progress will be slow until I get Jack B. Nimble out of the door.


Game: N/A

It wasn’t that easy to find any details on Nightvale. The Twitter account has almost no followers or posts, but the developer pointed me towards this early development video. It looks like Castlevania, so it has my interest.

So just a quick one this week, but check back next week for another #screenshotsaturday showcase, hopefully with a little more detail.