Screenshot Saturday

#screenshotsaturday Showcase – 16.01.16

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Screenshot Saturday 16.01.16

Another weekend, another #screenshotsaturday showcase. Last weekend I had a cold, this weekend I am suffering after slipping on some ice and falling down a staircase. My weekends are cursed.

Anyway, back to looking at some indie game screenshots…

Jack B. Nimble

I’m finally ready to show one of the three new levels in the game, Green Grove.

Indie Game ScreenshotsI wanted to build a forest scene almost as a reprise of the first level, Viridescent Verge. I was able to re-use a bunch of assets from my cancelled shmup, “Bad Cloud”, which saved a bunch of time and also means that some of those cutesy assets will finally see the light of day.

Next week I’d like to be in a position to show the final level of the game – it’s close to being ready but needs some finishing touches.


Hardland has a unique, almost waxy quality to it’s characters and world – it’s really one of the nicest looking indie titles that I’ve been following. I adore the style of this game, and it’s good to see the breadth and scope of the world.

I’m aware that the game is early access and I could be playing right now, however I generally don’t have the time to play finished games, let alone ones that are early or mid development. The developer, Mountain Sheep have a guaranteed purchase from me regardless.

You can grab Hardland in early access on Steam.

That’s it for this week, come back next week for another #screenshotsaturday showcase!

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