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#screenshotsaturday Showcase – 06.02.16

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It’s the first weekend of the month! Apologies for the quick and late #screenshotsaturday showcase today. I don’t know where the time went this weekend. Anyway. let’s get down to it…

Jack B. Nimble

Still no new level. I had a very busy weekend, so I thought I’d attack something a little more manageable, in the form of the Noonan.Design ident. It still needs some work, but it’s almost there. People like the springy “.”, so mission complete!

I’m currently working on the Green Grove preview screen (as mentioned last week), so my task list is becoming clear enough for me to attack the final level. It will be worth the wait, the idea I’ve got is pretty cool.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting quite a lot of feedback about the game not being advanced enough. There’s a real distaste for infinite runners these days, no matter how unique or well made. I’ll keep going with this, but I feel like I’ll be releasing to an uninterested market…

Moon Hunters

I have to be honest, as I started typing this, I was going to say that I didn’t know a great deal about Moon Hunters. However, as it turns out, that’s really not true.

I was already aware that it was a Kickstarter success, that it did well on Square Enix’s Collective (where other projects weren’t so fortunate), and that it was made by Kitfox Games, a company in my old stomping ground of Montreal.

But, I had no idea what the game was about, nor what it looked like. I remedied this by watching the trailer shortly after seeing these screenshots.

Good stuff. Wishlisted.


Game: N/A

I have a real soft spot for these low-fi first person games. The dirtier the image quality, the better.

Side note: Devil Daggers is out in two weeks!

Anyway, Artifax looks pretty cool. As far as I can tell, it’s a dungeon crawler of sorts, though a little light on enemies right now. I’ll be watching this to see how the game progresses in the “what can I kill” front.

Next weekend is Valentine’s weekend, so I’ll be a little preoccupied. You can expect another #screenshotsaturday showcase in a fortnight.