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#screenshotsaturday Showcase – 02.01.16

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Screenshot Saturday 02.01.16

The first of my many New Year’s resolutions is in effect with this, the first of my #screenshotsaturday showcases. In the spirit of resolutions (I will get this update done this year), I’ll start with a peek at the development of my own game…

Jack B. Nimble

That fresh feel of a new year; I’m really looking forward to releasing the 4.0 update for Jack B. Nimble.

The update has been a long time coming; with the distractions of a new job and moving country last year, I was unable to dedicate a solid block of time to finish what was required.

It’s been frustrating having an improved version of the game locally and such an old representation out there in the wild, but there are still some unfinished features to fix… it won’t be too long!

The Hit

This shot intrigued me somewhat; it looks like a Nintendo 64 era model spliced with a melted waxwork. I’d love to see it in motion. The developer informed me that it was a part of game called The Hit, and after watching the trailer I got some serious Watch_Dogs multiplayer vibes (this is a good thing).

While I enjoyed multiplayer in Watch_Dogs, I feel that the idea of ‘killer and quarry’ could be further explored and expanded upon in a full game (I am a fan of Outerlight’s The Ship for this reason). For the longest time I’ve thought a single player game where characters in the world have the same abilities and objectives as the player could be really interesting.

I look forward to seeing more.


This reminds me of a relatively little known game on the Mega Drive/Genesis known as Sub-Terrania, it was a Lander-like with a hint of the Strike series and some excellent music by a young Jesper Kyd.

Insanely Twisted Shadow PlanetGravitus’ addition of physics also reminds me of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, though more of a shmup, it still shares some similarities to what I have seen of Gravitus (and it’s excellent too). I’m stuck on a Mac for the next few days so I can’t try out the beta, but I’ll be getting on that next week…

If you have a #screenshotsaturday you’d like me to feature, send me a message on Twitter or comment below.

Look forward to more next week!

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