Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.2 Released!

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Star Citizen

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Alpha 2.6.2

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.2 is out now! This patch brings numerous quality of life updates, introduces the multiplayer megamap (significantly reducing load times), and a number of network fixes for both Arena Commander and Star Marine.

Similar to the last release, I’ve managed to slip in a couple of map updates and balance tweaks to improve the competitive side of the Star Marine maps. Again, most of the changes have been to OP Station Demien, simply because that’s the level with the most hard data that I can balance to. I’m hoping that Echo 11 will start to see a similar amount of attention now that some of the desynchronisation issues have been fixed – after all, it should be equally as competitive.

OP Station Demien

Of the latest changes to Demien, closing the Outlaw’s line of sight advantage on the A and B control points have the biggest impact to play.

OP Station Demien Terminal A 2.6.1 OP Station Demien Terminal A 2.6.2

By adding line of sight blockers between the A side walkway and the fuel pipes, Outlaws must move further into the space to control the A site. As a little bonus, I also added some cladding to the cage beneath the landing pad to prevent wall banging parallel to the terminal.

OP Station Demien Terminal B 2.6.1 OP Station Demien Terminal B 2.6.2

On the B side, the stacked containers eliminate cheap grenade throws from the back of freight to broken walkway and funnel both teams into the container tunnel or the stacked crates alongside.

OP Station Demien Terminal C in Alpha 2.6.2

I also closed up the windows at C terminal in order to allow easier capture of the terminal (matching with the it’s Outlaw-side counterpart, D terminal). This resulted in a nice little office area complete with office junk and desk trinkets!

Echo 11

On Echo 11, I moved A terminal to the upper floor of security to split the distribution of Marines from spawn (specifically from game start) – it also encourages a lot more EVA use now. I’ll be checking the feedback closely on this one, as I feel it’s one of the more controversial changes. There were a couple of other minor changes to Echo 11, such as widening the stairs from Outlaw spawn, moving the spawn barriers further out of the gravity room, and adding cover to the exterior landing pad – all small, but worthy modifications.

For any other updates, the full patch notes are available here or head to Roberts Space Industries for a more information.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this detailed look at the level design updates to Star Marine. Until next time, have a good one!

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