Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.1 Released!

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Star Citizen

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.1 - OP Station Demien

Alpha 2.6.1

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.1 is out now! This patch brings multi-region servers (finally lowering those pings in Europe and Oz), an updated Spectator mode, and introduces Spectrum.

More importantly (for me) is that 2.6.1 also included my latest updates to the Star Marine maps; “OP Station Demien” and “Echo 11”. These updates consist of numerous fixes and a number of key layout changes. My goal was to combat spawn camping and improve point-to-point timings in the Last Stand game mode. There was also a significant dressing and narrative pass to both maps, further enriching the environments with storytelling and branding.

The community has responded well to the changes and welcome these quality of life updates to Star Marine. Things are going well.

Full patch notes are available here or head to Roberts Space Industries for a more information.

Until next time, have a good one!

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