Jack B. Nimble Released for iOS!

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Jack B. Nimble Released

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, Jack B. Nimble version 4.0 is available¬†for iOS devices.

Jack B. Nimble 4.0

Jack B. NimbleFor those that haven’t followed the game’s progress, Jack B. Nimble is a side scrolling auto runner with a retro Game Boy aesthetic.

You play as one of a number of characters that must survive for as long as possible by jumping and dashing across treacherous hilltops, and avoiding troublesome obstacles.

Jack B. Nimble is a high score game, where your score is calculated by your traveled distance, multiplied by the number of candles you have whipped, as well as the accuracy you have whipped said candles.

Originally Jack B. Nimble released as a bare bones post game jam game in September 2014; this latest 4.0 release contains tonnes of new content and bug fixes. Currently the game is only available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, but more platforms are planned.

Version 4.0 Changelist

New Features and Additions:

  • Added in-game and Game Center achievements
  • Added 6 new characters (some secret!)
  • Added 3 new levels
  • Added 3 new music tracks
  • Added 7 new color schemes (some secret!)
  • Added color selection screen
  • Added new character selection screen
  • Updated map screen
  • Updated title screen
  • Updated splash screen
  • New app icon
  • Added stats screen
  • Added frontend options screen
  • Added in game manual
  • Reduced game file size
  • Added some secrets..!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed accuracy bug when whipping too close to the floor
  • Fixed cloud bug on Bitter Bluffs
  • Updated Jack B. Nimble sprite
  • Jack O. Lantern attack (animation length now matches Jack B. Nimble)
  • Fixed music volume bug on pause screen
  • Miscellaneous performance tweaks
  • And many more!

If you happen to be reading this and would like to cover this game as press or as an influencer, then you can find more specific information on the Jack B. Nimble press kit.

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