Jack B. Nimble Released for Steam!

By July 24, 2018December 10th, 2018No Comments

Jack B. Nimble has been released for Steam on Mac and PC, completing a long term game development goal of mine.

Jack B. NimbleEver since it’s been a reachable achievement, I’ve wanted to go through the process of bringing my own game from concept through to shipped product.

Obviously I’ve done this as part of larger development teams in the past, but this time I’ve gone through the entire process myself on a platform that I actually use (sorry iOS fans). And most importantly, I’ve learned a tonne from the experience – expect a postmortem in the not too distant future.

If you’re reading this, it’s unlikely that you don’t know what the game is, but if you somehow landed here and don’t know (hi!), then here’s a brief synopsis. Jack B. Nimble is a fast-paced, reaction-heavy auto runner with a retro Game Boy aesthetic.  The simplest elevator pitch is “Canabalt meets Castlevania on the Game Boy”.

Enough words, here’s the trailer:

Jack B. Nimble is also available on the AppStore for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

If you happen to be reading this and would like to cover this game as press or as an influencer, then you can find more specific information on the Jack B. Nimble press kit.