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January 1, 2016


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Jack B Nimble

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Noonan.Design is the pseudonym of game developer, Sean Noonan. A lifelong passionate gamer, Sean has been creating game and level designs since the late 1990's. From humble beginnings with mods and total conversions, he has since accrued over a decade of professional experience in design, and continues to work on projects in his free time, maintaining an active presence in the indie game development scene.



"In the late 1990's I began experimenting with level editors. I started out with the editor for Duke Nukem 3D, then moved onto Worldcraft (later Hammer) for both Quake and Half-Life, before eventually trying my hand at Unreal. When the 2000's rolled around I was working on a number of mods as both an artist and level designer. It was at this point I built a portfolio with the intention to leave my job in electronics and enter the games industry proper."


"In 2007 I started at Midway Games, where I worked on “Wheelman” as a mission designer. Soon after, I left for Ruffian Games, narrowly avoiding Midway's closure. At Ruffian I was reunited with a large portion of the Wheelman design team and took a design role on “Crackdown 2”. After this I worked on a number of different titles including “Ryse” and “Kinect Star Wars” before pitching my own project, a reboot of “Streets of Rage”. Despite a well-received pitch and a promising prototype, Sega cancelled the project. Following the cancellation I felt it was a good time to look for a new challenge and change of scenery. So I left for Ubisoft Montreal to work on “Watch_Dogs” and later "Far Cry 4". During development of "Far Cry Primal" I returned to the motherland and joined Foundry 42, the UK arm of Cloud Imperium Games, the company responsible for "Star Citizen". After releasing Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 and supporting it's three point releases I moved onto Splash Damage, where I am currently working on Gears Tactics."


"During my time at Ubisoft I participated in a number of game jams and eventually decided that it was time to work on my own indie game for real. I grabbed my first solo game jam game, "Jack B. Nimble" and started to polish it up for a full release. I released Jack B. Nimble in 2014 and have been working on a large update for the game as well as Steam port, currently scheduled for late 2018."



BritizenCon 2017 - Developer Panel YouTube

Star Citizen at the PC Gamer Weekender 2017 YouTube

Star Citizen: Around the Verse 3.14 (see 18 minutes and 30 seconds) YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "27th place (and 5th place for "Mood", 8th place for "Audio") - Ludum Dare 40, 2017" - Rebel Call, 2017
  • "60th place - Ludum Dare 39, 2017" - Oil Patrol, 2017
  • "Honorable Mention - Montreal Global Game Jam, 2015" - Pwrong, 2015
  • "Honorable Mention - Develop 30 Under 30" - 2014
  • "Honorable Mention - 1st Ubisoft Montreal Game Jam, 2013" - Spring Break: The Ballad of Chet Speedrider, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Level designers show off work in 'blocktober' hashtag"
    - Ben Kuchera, Polygon
  • "Far Cry 4 designer by day, indie dev by night"
    - Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer
  • "Level designers show off work in 'blocktober' hashtag"
    - Ben Kuchera, Polygon

Sean Noonan on Twitter
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