Released in 2009


Midway Studios - Newcastle | Mission Designer | ~2 years

My first professional design role in the games industry was at Midway Studios – Newcastle, where I cut my teeth on the open world, third person action/driving title, “Wheelman”.

Wheelman was an interesting change from my modding experience, which until that point was exclusively within the realms of first person deathmatch. However, this modding background granted me knowledge of the Unreal engine and its tools, thus allowing me to hit the ground running with this Unreal-powered title.


  • Comprehensive use of Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 and it’s Kismet visual scripting language
  • Scripting and level design for vehicular and on foot action set pieces
  • Designing cinematic gameplay around core mechanics and player abilities within an open world
  • Responsible for the design and scripting of the Xbox Live/PSN Wheelman demo

My role as mission designer had me scripting missions in Kismet and utilising pre-existing locations within the open world. I also created several arenas via generous reuse of art assets in order to support boss battles. Outside of missions, I was also tasked with scripting a number of mission-specific game systems as well as several in-engine cinematics.


  • “You Scratch My Back”
  • “Interviewing Felipe”
  • “Bringing It Home”
  • “The Big Distraction”
  • “Recover The Documents”
  • “Defeating Felipe”

I designed and implemented roughly a quarter of the game’s story missions, with the majority of my contributions being early to mid campaign, where I handled the design and implementation of a number of tutorials. Additionally I created two of the late-game boss battles, and was also responsible for the design and scripting of the Xbox Live/PSN demo.

Concept art © Atomhawk Design Ltd.