In development

Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games | Senior Designer | ~2 years

After leaving Ubisoft Montreal, I returned to the UK to join Cloud Imperium Games’ UK studio, Foundry 42.


  • Building multiplayer levels and objective based team modes for Star Marine
  • Working closely with art to define a template modular kit for the level design team
  • Defining first person level design in the Squadron 42 vertical slice
  • Level design and scripting for a number of first person combat encounters across the campaign
  • Feature prototyping using the Flowgraph visual scripting tool
  • Working with procedural mission content

Star Marine

I mostly focused on bringing my open world knowledge and applying it to a persistent universe before switching to multiplayer.

I was the sole level designer for Star Marine.


  • OP Station Demien
  • Echo 11

After shipping Star Marine as a part of Star Citizen Alpha 2.6, I supported the release for three point releases before moving onto the persistent universe team.

Concept art © Cloud Imperium Games