Ubisoft Montréal

Position: Level Designer

Duration: ~4 months

Engine: Dunia (Proprietary)


After shipping Watch_Dogs I joined Far Cry 4 to aid the team in creating level and mission content. Being a huge fan of Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon, I was more than delighted to join the team and apply my open world expertise to this rich franchise, whilst also having the chance to return to my roots in first person level design.

I worked on the opening mission for the second act of the game, where the balance of power is introduced. This is where players must decide which mission giver to side with, either Amita or Sabal. The player’s decision will influence the following mission. For this mission, both options use the same map locations, but the player starts at different camps. Players would complete a task at their chosen starting camp and finish at the opposing camp, dealing with the consequences of their decision.

As I joined the project during the alpha stage, it was an intense production. Closing the project meant responding fast and intelligently to playtest feedback, in order to ensure that the content would offer the correct amount of challenge and balance for all play styles, as well as following the campaign’s difficulty curve.


  • Refactoring pre alpha level and mission design content bringing it to shipping quality
  • Responding to director feedback and playtest data
  • Extensive use of Dunia and the Domino visual scripting language

Level: “Rebel Yell”

Level: “Hunt or be Hunted”