Released in 2010

Crackdown 2

Ruffian Games | Designer | ~18 months

Shortly before the closure of Midway I joined a number of ex-Wheelman designers at then-startup, Ruffian Games, to work on the sequel to Crackdown. Crackdown 2 was another open world title, but this time with a co-operative offering and a large focus on unscripted, emergent gameplay.

Rather than being responsible solely for missions, I assumed the mantle of “designer” and worked in a more general design capacity.

Crackdown 2 was a huge personal achievement, as it had me ship a full AAA project from concept to box product in just over a year, with a really tight, small team. It was also an introduction to working with a proprietary toolset.


  • Managing and working in a feature team from prototyping through to end product
  • Designing and implementing all campaign bosses and breach missions using proprietary tools
  • Ownership of Freak AI archetypes, behaviours and associated mission content
  • Collaborating closely with artists to achieve level designs required for bespoke gameplay
  • Building horde-style levels for a pre-existing open world environment within the Deluge DLC

My role as designer had me single-handedly designing the “Freak” faction, and all related content. This mostly consisted of documentation outlining AI archetypes, their movement abilities, attack behaviours and contextual reactions.

Additionally, I designed and implemented each of the 9 “Freak Lair” locations and bosses, along with the 25 “Freak Breach” side missions. After release, I was also responsible for the balance and structure of the Freak enemy waves within the Deluge DLC game mode.

Concept art © Microsoft Corporation