Mid-month Update – March 2016

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This year really is flying by… I am quickly approaching that point in my life where I am referred to as a person “in their thirties”.

Sad face.

Anyway, I’ve been busy beavering away on a number of things…

19/03/16 Update: I just got off the phone with Nintendo – Jack B. Nimble could be coming to at least one more platform!

Jack B. Nimble

Progress has been good. I’ve been working on a lot of what can only be described as “boring stuff” such as menus, stat tracking and achievements, but it’s all needed. Especially if I am to bring the game to PC. But yes, the iOS version is taking full priority right now – the Steam Greenlight campaign can wait. And for those curious, I’m still not confident enough to commit to a specific release date yet.

Pixel Dailies

I’ve not had any time due to aforementioned “boring stuff”. I’d like to get back to this, but work on Jack B. Nimble has to take priority. However as I travel to and from Scotland, I do have some time allocated for pixel work, but that’s all going towards a secret thing I am working on. More on that soon.

Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare 35 is coming up (April 15th), and I think there’s a chance that my old Global Game Jam team could get together again for another game. We’re a little spread across timezones now, but we’ll see. This also reminds me that I need to reupload all of our old game jam games…

Sorry for the lack of images this update, I’ll make up for it next time. As always, you can expect a #screenshotsaturday showcase over the weekend, and keep up with the Jack B. Nimble Twitter and Tumblr for trickle updates and new media.