Mid-month Update – January 2016

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We’re already halfway through January, which means Noonan.Design is halfway through it’s first month of life! There have been a number of changes to the layout and format of the site since it launched, but as I said previously, I’m still finding my feet. The idea is to post a mid-month update as well as an end of month update to both summarise development and highlight anything of note.

I’ve had a little time to work on some development of Jack B. Nimble as well as participate in a number of Pixel Dailies, the latter of which I have retroactively added to the blog.

Jack B. Nimble

Over the next few days I’ll be posting a short video highlighting a couple of the new updates to Jack B. Nimble. The features shown should go some way to highlight why this isn’t an update I can simply release incrementally. I also want to stick the landing and allow myself the time to promote the game a little beforehand.

Highlighted updates will include…

  • New levels
  • New characters
  • An updated intro and world map
  • A progression system with level, character and palette unlocks
  • A number of balance changes
  • Updated effects including grass, water, lava and fire
  • Updated animations, effects, screenshake and pause values

Expect that video to drop in a couple of days – I’ve still got some more polish to do on the game itself before I commit it to the interwebs…

Pixel Dailies

I started the month off with my take on Super Mario.

Super Mario

Then I entered a competition in which participants must create their own Nomcat using a provided template. I chose to style mine after Totoro! I didn’t win.

Totoro Nomcat

And a couple days ago I animated an homage to Megaman Legends, Data doing that dance. I was really happy with how this one turned out, I stuck to my ~1 hour limit and managed to pull it off in 4 colours.

Megaman Legends Data

You can expect a #screenshotsaturday showcase tomorrow – I prefer to post them on a Sunday so I have a chance to catch the art in each timezone and have a little time to format the post.