Mapcore Level Design Challenge: The Door 2018

By August 8, 2018 September 4th, 2018 No Comments
Mapcore The Door

Starting this Friday, Mapcore are holding a small level design challenge, whereby participants must “build a puzzle and craft a story to creatively open The Door“.

Looking at the previous challenge entries, I feel this will be a fun, quick exercise I can do whilst I wind down after having released Jack B. Nimble for Steam.

Level Design Challenge - The Door

I have a couple of ideas. However, I’m currently on holiday and won’t be back a until a couple of days after the challenge has begun. Therefore, my contribution will be limited, so I’ll be keeping the scope nice and tight.

I’ll try and timelapse any of my work, as I feel that’s a fun way to share process and help promote my challenge entry. If you’d like to follow my progress directly (and perhaps give me feedback while I work), then drop by the Discord and head to the “#door-challenge” channel.

The challenge starts on Friday, so head on over to Mapcore for more information. I’ll be starting my entry on Sunday. For any of you that participate, good luck!