End of Month Update – October 2016

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Apologies for my rather late monthly update, but I’ve been rather busy…

GBJAM 5: Global Defense Corps

I finally got back to jamming! Pete Smith, Barry Topping and myself got together to build a 4-color, greyscale, retro game for the fifth annual Game Boy Jam. It was great to work with Pete again. We’d previously worked together on a Global Game Jam game back in Montreal and had talked about jamming again once we were both back in the same time zone. As always, it was good to get a new track from Barry, and this one was particularly “ear-wormy”.

The result of this game jam was “Global Defense Corps”, and it can be played from the widget below.

As of this update, I’m about 80% done writing a postmortem for this jam, so I’ll save any specific details for then. Until that postmortem is live, I’ve created a timelapse of the game’s development and streamed a little gameplay.

Jack B. Nimble

For the last couple of years, I’ve been rocking an iPhone 5, which while being rather dated, has allowed me to maintain Jack B. Nimble’s compatibility on older hardware. However, with the game coming to a close, I have a solid performance benchmark to work to, and things aren’t likely to change much from here on out. So this month I finally caved and upgraded to an iPhone 7. This hasn’t changed any development as such, but rather renewed my confidence in the game’s performance, especially where Game Center overlays are concerned (a real problem area for my old iPhone 5).

Jack B. Nimble LogoNow for those that watch my streams, you’ll be aware that I’ve been working with an artist on promotional material. A bunch of assets have been created and will go towards building a new website for the game. I’ll just leave the logo here for now. Perhaps I’ll reveal the latest box art in the next few days.

The build is currently being tested by a couple of my friends, but I’d love to get some of the folks from the Touch Arcade forums to try it out. I’ll be asking for testers soon.

I’m aware that I missed the 2 year anniversary of Jack B. Nimble’s original launch. I’m also aware that I missed the 2 year anniversary of Jack B. Nimble’s Halloween update. Based on my original launch timeline, that only leaves the Christmas update, which matches up quite well with where I am in development now…

Star Citizen

In the coming weeks, you may see me talking a little more about my day job – more specifically about Star Marine, the multiplayer first-person shooter component of Star Citizen.

I spent my first year at CIG working on Squadron 42, designing FPS segments of the campaign and building locations for the vertical slice. However, in recent months I switched gears by moving onto Star Marine, building multiplayer levels, and designing game modes. An early version of the latest location I’ve been working on (Echo 11) can be seen in the latest episode of Around The Verse (snapped below).

Echo 11 on Around The Verse
While I won’t be blogging my Star Citizen development here, I’ll be sure to post any work that I’ve been responsible for, and maybe some of the other bits that I think are particularly cool. Spoiler: it’s all cool.


I’m aware there have been a couple of bugs on the site since the last WordPress update. None of the issues are particularly bad, so please bear with me while I focus on shipping Jack B. Nimble…

Until next update, have a good one!