End of Month Update – May 2017

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This month was mostly about Jack B. Nimble and Steam Greenlight. Mostly.

Jack B. Nimble

Another big month for Jack B. Nimble as I launched a Steam Greenlight campaign and succeeded in that same month!

Here’s the Steam Greenlight trailer for those that missed it…

Many thanks to all that voted in Jack B. Nimble’s Steam Greenlight campaign, especially those that liked and shared the various videos, tweets and links – I’m on a shoestring budget, so that’s all the marketing material I have. Again, much appreciated.


A couple of random extras…

Haversham by Sean Noonan

Many moons ago I built a font for the menus in Jack B. Nimble. My intention was to replace the rather crude default pixel font provided in Construct 2. However, looking for a little more punch in my text, I settled on the rather chunky, gothic font, “Alagard”. So rather than waste my efforts, I decided to share my font with the world! It is now available in various places, but I am most familiar with “Da Font”, so you can find it there.

Haversham by Sean Noonan

Looking back, I think some of the lower case characters could do with a little love, and although I like the cute little numbers, it’s strange that I aligned their height to match lower case.

“G” version 1.1

I also quietly updated one of my older game jam titles, G. That’s “G” for gravity. This was a game I made shortly after watching the movie, Gravity. An homage of sorts.

Gravity Game

It was my first stab at Ludum Dare and stands as one of my first released efforts using Construct 2. I played a little of it in a stream a couple of weeks ago. You can play the updated version of G on Game Jolt.

And thus concludes the month of May – a very Jack B. Nimble-focused month for sure. Next month I will have some big news to share. Watch this space…