End Of Month Update – July 2016

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Not much to report this month; the quiet spell continues as Jack B. Nimble approaches launch, and while I’ve been making a number of minor updates to the site, most of my time has either been completing DOOM’s campaign (it was fantastic) or learning not to crouch while shooting in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (it’s hard to unlearn).

Jack B. Nimble

Beta codes are now out there (for a chosen few)! I might widen the net in the next update so that I can test on more varied hardware, and get a little more feedback. I’ll probably start at the Touch Arcade forums, as they’ve been good to me in the past. It’s the least I can do. Initial tests have been good; performance on iPhone 5S and newer has been great and I’m happy with performance on iPad too!

I’ve started working on the website for the game, but it’s not a high priority right now; that focus is saved for the release trailer which I am currently building assets and capturing footage for. Expect that around launch in a couple weeks.

No, I still don’t have a launch date yet, though the 2 year anniversary of the game’s original launch is fast approaching…


Other than a couple tweaks here and there, there haven’t been a great deal of updates to this website. I’m still working on the individual portfolio entry format in order to not only showcase my work, but shed some light on my development process.

Until next update, have a good one!