End of Month Update – July 2017

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I’m in London!


That’s probably my biggest news for the month, along with the fact that I’ve started working at Splash Damage! I’m working on something new and exciting, but I can’t talk about it. So, on to some house keeping…

Noonan.Design Blog

Back in April I was prompted to separate all references to my independent efforts from my professional work. This was a logical move, as intentional or not, I was experiencing some benefits from cross promotion. This had the potential to put my then-employer in an awkward situation.

Understandably, some changes to the blog were required. However, in doing so, I made the decision to shift monthly updates from long-form content to a bullet point list. I am now going back on this decision. It wasn’t a good solution because updates became less fun to write and far less interesting to read. Fail all round.

Due to the more traditional structure of my new employer (read: shhh secrets!), it’s going to be much less of a problem anyway. So I’m going to continue to split any content posts between professional and independent, but return to the long-form format from before. That being said, I’m going to try and keep the walls of text to a minimum.

Game Jams

While Jack B. Nimble is on hold (I will explain more in the coming weeks), I decided the best use of my time was to flex some game development muscles and join some game jams.


This was a game I completed for the One Hour Game Jam (#1HGJ) under the theme, “the floor is lava”. I took a very literal approach to that theme…

SCALD Gameplay

You can play SCALD over at, where I’ve also been maintaining a small devlog detailing the various updates to the game.

SCALD is still in development, albeit, a casual one.

Spoilers: I also shared the postmortem on Noonan.Design this month…

Bad Juju

Bad Juju was my entry for the Game Maker’s Toolkit game jam #GMTKJam. The theme was “dual purpose design”. Bad Juju turned out pretty cool, despite the game’s weak use of the theme. Following release, the game received an “honourable mention” in the Game Maker’s Toolkit video highlighting the games from the jam.

As with SCALD, you can play Bad Juju over at Again, I’ve been updating a small devlog where I share progress and ideas for future versions.

Bad Juju will be patched soon because it’s not had the love that SCALD has had. You can’t pick favourites!

Oil Patrol

Terrible name. I know.

Oil Patrol is a small, pixel art game with elements of exploration and some simple survival mechanics. This was my first competition entry into Ludum Dare for some years. I finished within the 48 hour time, though I use “finished” in the loosest sense of the word. There’s a lot of unfinished art, lots of missing feedback and the game lacks any balance or pacing.

Oil Patrol Title Screen
Oil Patrol Gameplay

However, for as simple as the game is, the scope was far wider than anything I’ve tried in a two day jam previously. I attempted 3/4 perspective art, AI with states, some basic instancing management, and music! All big achievements for me. I’ll have more to say about this in the coming weeks with a postmortem (likely following the end of the judging period).

You can play, rate and comment on Oil Patrol over at the game’s Ludum Dare page.

Also, look out for a development time-lapse in the coming days. I just need to render the video.


Expect postmortems of my most recent games, “Bad Juju” and “Oil Patrol” next month. Until then, here are two game jam postmortems published this month.

Postmortem: My Strange Alien Friend (Ludum Dare 35: Shapeshift)

I finally got around to posting the postmortem for My Strange Alien Friend. I’ve been sitting on that for months. This was just one of those posts I just kept failing to finish writing. I hope this is a useful read for people planning to jam in teams remotely. I plan to release the art assets on Open Game Art since it would be a shame for them to go to waste.

Postmortem: SCALD (One Hour Game Jam)

I wrote a short postmortem on my experience building SCALD. It features a loose breakdown of how I allocated my time across duration of the hour as well as my thoughts on how I felt the jam went.

That’s all for now! More news next month, though expect fewer updates for the next couple of weeks as I am going on holiday with my favourite person!