End of Month Update – January 2016

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January has been and gone, which marks the month anniversary of Noonan.Design!

Overall I’m quite happy with the blog layout, though the #screenshotsaturday showcases could do with a little work; yesterday’s post was an attempt at shifting the focus from text to image, but it resulted in a lot of uneven white space. I’m sure I’ll figure something out, even if it means re-hosting the images rather than embedding the tweets themselves.

I will be adding a couple of content pages in the coming months, I’ve just been a rather busy with more projects than I can really find time for (and apologies to those I am failing to collaborate with at this time – I’m looking at you, Terry).

My main focus has been development on Jack B. Nimble. I can see the finish line, although I’m not sure on a release date yet. I just need a couple more weeks to fix some bugs and get in those last bits of content.

Jack B. Nimble

Jack B. Nimble Devlog #1So I posted my first devlog video! The voice over is a little rough (awkward), but I feel like the content is strong enough and it does offer a little glimpse of the menu flow that perhaps doesn’t come across so well in a gif. It’s also a chance to offer some transparency to development, albeit late in production.

My next video will show a couple of the updated animations, effects and potentially the final level (very much work in progress). Maybe I should start watermarking unfinished work? Either way, I should have another video ready sometime next week.

I’m also in the process of moving from using Adobe Photoshop for my pixel art in favour of Graphics Gale. I’ve only just started playing around with it, but the workflow is already faster than I found Photoshop to be. Though I’m not aware of the shortcuts just yet and I’ve yet to jump into the animation side (the primary reason for the switch).

And speaking of pixel art…

Pixel Dailies

This wasn’t the strongest month for Pixel Dailies from me. Rest assured, I was pixellin’, but it was generally on Jack B. Nimble. Here’s what I managed to produce in January.

Super Mario

Totoro Nomcat

Megaman Legends Data

Don Copal

That last one is hard to read in it’s native size, so you can see it larger here. I feel that next month will result in a similar number of Pixel Dailies due to the amount of time I will need to spend getting Jack B. Nimble to the finish line. I wish I had more time.

#ScreenshotSaturday Showcase

I feel like these have gone pretty well so far. As I mentioned before, the format still needs a little work, but they’re definitely getting a lot more attention that any of my Pixel Dailies. It’s awesome to get the chance to help promote the work of others. I may not have the biggest of readerships, but I know that as an independent developer, it’s great when someone recognises your work.

I’ve got a couple of miscellaneous blog updates still to post, so expect those in the coming days.