End of Month Update – January 2017

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Happy new year!

2017 is upon us, and it’s time for the first end of month update. Unfortunately throughout January I was rather unwell. Rather than dwell on that, I thought it best to take this opportunity to look back on what happened in 2016 on Noonan.Design and where I plan to take the site forward into 2017.

The Blog

I’ll address each category of the Noonan.Design blog in roughly the order of their frequency, which luckily means I get to start off on a positive note.


Throughout 2016 I was able to stick to a schedule of a minimum of one post per month, a huge achievement given my wobbly track record on my previous blog. Finding time to post these wasn’t easy, but with the reception generally positive, I felt motivated to keep up the pace.

I’ll be continuing with monthly and (occasional) mid monthly updates throughout 2017, mostly following the same format as 2016, but with the end of month post pulled forward to the end of month rather than the start of the following month (primarily for archival purposes – it’s very confusing when looking back).

…and for some balance I’ll address a negative.

Screenshot Saturday and Pixel Dailies

I’ll bundle these categories together as they were both rather short-lived. I started the year out strong with regular Screenshot Saturday Showcases and several pixel art posts, but this quickly became unmanageable as the year went on and work on both Star Citizen and Jack B. Nimble took all of my free time.

Regarding Screenshot Saturday Showcases, the format was to blame. Increasingly, more and more people are relying on gifs and videos to showcase their work, and Twitter doesn’t make it that easy to embed the stuff. Also, at this point, they’re not really screenshots so the name is a little misleading anyway (I know, I am guilty of this too).

Here are some of my favourites from that category:

It was great showcasing people’s work, and a good excuse for me to find new projects to follow, but after some consideration I don’t think this site is the best place for it going forward. I will however continue to post screenshot saturdays of my own projects here and on twitter as an excuse to post weekly project updates (I’ll be starting that in February).

Megaman Legends DataNow, regarding pixel art (or more specifically, Pixel Dailies) – this was just down to time. I didn’t have the spare time to regularly create pixel art that wasn’t directly feeding into Jack B. Nimble. I could give myself a forced deadline but I don’t think I’ll be able to stick to it – there’s just too much to do. If I’m ever between projects and feeling creative I might do more of these, but until Jack B. Nimble is done, this segment will remain dormant. A better way to look at my standalone pixel art is to visit my Pixel Joint.


Posts containing game releases are obviously rare due to the amount of time required to develop and finish a game, so I didn’t have a planned format for a release posts. The releases of Far Cry Primal and Global Defense Corps were bundled into monthly updates, while Star Marine had it’s own dedicated post. This was one of the most popular posts on the blog, so I’ll likely continue this format in future.


This could have gone a little better, as I managed to only post one of two planned postmortems. I am, however, still sitting on the unreleased postmortem, so I’ll post it when I’m low on content. There will also be a huge one for Jack B. Nimble soon enough. I need to be quicker to post  these immediately after project launches, because after the fact they can be very difficult to write (my memory is terrible, time heals all wounds, etc.).


This section might need a new name; though the only “off topic” thoughts I had posted over the year were about the Doom beta. I would like to flesh this category out a little more in the future. You know, if I ever do anything other than make games. Perhaps I should get a hobby that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a computer?

The Portfolio

This is going to take me some time to flesh out. I’ve started with Watch Dogs as a template, but I’m still not satisfied with that. I’d like to spend some time building some top down maps and perhaps some of my own video walkthroughs. This’ll be an ongoing thing.

I’m still wondering whether or not to include game jams in my portfolio. This may add unnecessary noise and imbalance the overall quality as some jams can be rough. However, without them I feel I’m not representing the more experimental side of my development endeavours. I’ll give it some thought.

Until next time, have a good one!