End of Month Update – December 2016

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2016 is over!

I plan on posting an end of year review in the coming days, but surprisingly, even as the year winds down, there have been enough developments worth writing a December post.

Star Marine

It’s out! You can now play the first release of Star Marine as part of Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time watching twitch streams and jumping into games myself. I’m so proud to have finally had the chance to release a multiplayer title. I’ve worked with an excellent team on this and I can’t wait to start work on the next update! I’ll be stopping by the usual haunts to see what people are saying too. I look forward to seeing (and shooting) you all in OP Station Demien or Echo 11 soon!

Jack B. Nimble

I’m still trying to find a good time to release the game. I don’t want to release the game without any supporting marketing material, and I’m still hard at work on the website. It’s coming along, but I do loathe web development – even in an age where you just need to manipulate templates, it takes a long time to get things right.

…but as promised, here’s the box art for Jack B. Nimble – it’s in a handy 1920×1080 size, perfect for desktop wallpapers (other sizes will follow).

Jack B. Nimble Wallpaper

The artwork was created by Shenaniganza – you can find more of his work on Tumblr and support him on Patreon.

I also finally started to gather footage for the launch trailer. I’ll be talking a little more about this in the coming weeks. My current task list looks a little something like this…

  • Jack B. Nimble Website
  • Jack B. Nimble Trailer
  • Launch Jack B. Nimble 4.0 on iOS
  • Start Jack B. Nimble Steam Greenlight campaign

I’ll be streaming mid-late January pop by if you’d like to ask any questions and see the game being played – I’ll likely be giving out some codes too.


I’m working on a bug list for the website – the latest WordPress update broke a couple of things in the theme I use. I’d also like to flesh out the Watch Dogs page a little more as this will be the standard for all future pages.

Regarding the blog, I’m actually surprised that I’ve managed to get an update out every month. However, next year I plan to get the updates out in the final week of the month, rather than the start of the following month, even if it’s just for archival purposes. On top of that, I plan on reworking the format a little bit starting with my 2016 round up.

New Project

I’m going to focus on supporting the Jack B. Nimble iOS 4.0 release and steam greenlight campaign for the next month or two as well as taking a little time out to play some video games. I have a number of ideas for what is next, but I’d like to let them stew a while before jumping in.

Until then, happy new year!