End of Month Update – Blocktober 2017

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Following a lack of update in September, here’s everything from a work-filled October.


Going forward, this month will likely be forever known as Blocktober among development circles, all thanks to a former CIG colleague of mine, Michael Barclay. Mike started the twitter account and hashtag #Blocktober as a means to show early development footage of Uncharted 4. Soon, many developers including myself followed suit.

Here are some of the projects I shared as part of that hashtag…

Star Citizen

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked at a company that practices some degree of open development, therefore, I have a lot of media to share as part of Blocktober. You can find a full post I made about it here, and below you can find some select highlights from my contributions.

Echo 11 Marine Spawn White Box Echo 11 Marine Spawn 2.6

Streets of Rage

Just a small update from this, as the game was never actually greenlit. Very little of the game outside of the pitch prototype exists. What you see below is a shot from the planned first level.

Streets Of Rage 4 Backalley

The Opera

A couple of random shots from various incarnations of The Opera, starting with the Half-Life 1/Source Gold Engine and the failed Half-Life 2/Source Engine reboot.

I still regret not putting out even a test release of The Opera: Release 2. We had something playable. Rough, but playable. Damn shame.


And the star of the show, ND2! This is the codename for my new project. Built in Unreal, it’s a fast and frantic first person shooter. It’s still early days, but you can follow it’s progress on YouTube, Twitter or on this very blog.

Here is a list of previous updates.


Yet again, I have overhauled the blog, contact, and biography pages. The portfolio is also offline again while I rework some stuff. I feel like getting my portfolio up to scratch will be an early 2018 job.

Until next time, have a good one!

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