End Of Month Update – August 2016

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Another quick update this month, as the majority of my time has been spent on things behind the curtain.I’ve also been sick for the latter half of the month, which put a stop to progress on pretty much anything creative.

Jack B. Nimble

jack-b-nimble_40-wipIt’s been a couple months since the last Devlog for Jack B. Nimble and I’ve not been streaming on my Twitch channel lately either, so I’m aware my video output has been rather lacking as of late. However, I am making plans for the next piece of video content and I’m returning to streaming next week (I actually streamed yesterday as test)! I really need to start work on a launch trailer…

I wish I could give a solid release date, but there are still bugs to fix and more testing to be done. As I’ve said previously, I don’t expect riches from this project; it’s purely for my own satisfaction at this point, so I want this release to be tight.


The level design portfolio is now online(!) albeit work in progress. The plan is to create a small “making of” for each piece of content that I have contributed to. This will likely come in the form of a video commentary at a later date, but for now there are a number of in depth breakdowns of the levels and games I’ve worked on. The first being for Watch_Dogs.

Pixel Dailies

Last month I also managed to get around to doing a little pixel art, first a little animation (from Super Princess Peach) and the second a larger a piece (from Earthworm Jim) to push myself a little.
Perry the ParasolPrincess from Earthworm Jim

Screenshot Saturday

With the work on Jack B. Nimble and updates to my design portfolio, there just hasn’t been the time to return to the #ScreenshotSaturday showcases. I was toying around with a video format a couple months ago, but I don’t have the time to dedicate to it right now. I still want to showcase people’s work, but I will need a little more time before I get back to this.

Thanks, and until next update, have a good one!