End of Month Update – August 2017

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It has been a busy month, but there’s not much that I can report on…

August consisted mostly of time away (holiday/vacation) as well as settling into my new job. So there’s not a huge amount of news I can share. I’ve been working a little on the Noonan.Design website and blog. And as a result, some pages may become inaccessible or just look a little off for a couple of days. I want to tweak a couple of things that have been bothering me with the website’s formatting in addition to finally uploading my full portfolio. It’ll take some time.

On top of my website work, I have also been creating some video content to support my last Ludum Dare game…

Oil Patrol

As detailed in last month’s update, I took part in Ludum Dare 39, with a game called “Oil Patrol” (Snow Patrol was taken…). Keen to help others by offering a small insight into my work process, I recorded my development and compiled it into a timelapse. You can see the full timelapse below. I have also posted a little more about my work process here.

Ludum Dare 39 Results

Ludum Dare 39 results are now in, and it looks like I came in at 60th place. My best result so far! There are definitely lessons to be learned from my experience this jam. So you can expect a post mortem in a couple of weeks.

For now, here’s the breakdown of results:

Ludum Dare 39 Results

Until next time, have a good one!