End of Month Update – April 2017

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This month, Jack B. Nimble 4.0 was released, I sat on a design panel for Star Citizen, and I made some changes to the Noonan.Design blog.

Noonan.Design Blog

Noonan.Design blogGoing forward, you can expect to see more frequent, but focused updates to the Noonan.Design blog. Rather than long-form compilation posts, I will be linking to previously posted content from the month as a summary. This will result in improved blog filtering; helping readers and search engines alike.

There have been some concerns that my personal work may in some way be unfairly benefiting from my professional commentary, therefore this content (Star Citizen, etc.) will likely take a back seat, so that my blog can reflect my portfolio work, personal projects and industry thoughts. Sorry about that.

I have split out some of the offending posts into individual updates here, here and here. However, I’m in two minds about whether I will go through the archives and extract out the remaining content. We’ll see.

Jack B. Nimble

It’s been a huge month for Jack. Finally, the 4.0 update has launched.

I also streamed shortly after launch…

Star Citizen

This month marks the end of the Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 patches as well as my latest run of media appearances.

That’s all for this month. Next month I plan to move forward with the Jack B. Nimble Steam Greenlight campaign. Wish me luck!