End Of Month Update – March 2016

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That’s the end of the first quarter of 2016, so, where are we at?

Regarding the blog, I’m quite used to hitting my mini #screeenshotsaturday deadlines now, and these updates are still quite regular too (I’m still annoyed that I missed one). I plan to keep it up, though I feel like I need to start writing some original content to keep things fresh around here, especially on months when development is slow…

Jack B. Nimble

So progress has been slow on Jack B. Nimble. I’m still chipping away at those boring tasks that are necessary to ship on iOS and unfortunately that doesn’t lead to any interesting images or videos (my current task list can be found on my trello). However, I do plan to get the game running on iOS devices this weekend, so I might stream some of that progress over at my Twitch channel.

As for the next devlog, the end of March and the start of April are somewhat busy due to the Easter holidays and my birthday… so if I was to estimate, you can expect another devlog video towards the end of the month. The game should be in a near finished state by that point too…

So what’s next?

New Project

Life after Jack – this is something I need to start thinking about. My pixel FPS is now on hold for various reasons, so I’m looking at other options. The first of these is a smaller game to “relaunch” my presence. It won’t be too big, just something small, stylish and fun. More on that soon. The second is a project I’ve just started with my old pal, Terry. Early days, but it’s something different to my previous games, and it’s good to work with someone else again. Solo development can quickly become a grind; it’s great having someone to bounce ideas off. The third is more of a question at this stage, do people want to see more of Jack? Only sales will tell.

#ScreenshotSaturday Showcase

I’m keeping up with the #screenshotsaturday showcases too! As the hashtag is increadingly used to larger or published titles, I encourage smaller developers to contact me via twitter if you have something for me to showcase. I’d hate to think people are getting lost underneath promoted or publisher backed tweets…

I’m off to go and play some more of the Doom Closed Beta before the servers go offline, so until next update, have a good one!