End of Month Update – February 2016

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February flew by… I can’t believe that it’s March already!

The blog hasn’t changed a great deal since last month as I’ve been rather busy with work on Jack B. Nimble along with some other little projects that I plan to talk about in the coming weeks. I still have plans to bring more pages to Noonan.Design, but as the finish line is so close with Jack B. Nimble, I’m avoiding as many distractions as I can, which also means I’ve not had time to do any Pixel Dailies. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t had the chance to do any other pixel art…

Jack B. Nimble

Jack B. Nimble 4.0 Citadel GIFI’ve finally started work on the last of the six levels for Jack B. Nimble. I’ve yet to add hazards, atmospherics or balance the gameplay, but the ground work is done. Finally. The end is in sight.

I’ve documented the first of the six levels in my second devlog video. I addressed the bits of feedback I got from the first video and I feel like the quality improved a lot as a result. Thanks for the support!

The third video will showcase the second level of the game as well as some alternate playable characters. That video should be dropping in a week or so (time willing).

#ScreenshotSaturday Showcase

The #screenshotsaturday showcases are being received well and I’m enjoying putting aside time on a Sunday night to showcase work that I like.

I’d like to thanks to those of you that retweet my updates on Twitter, you’re not only helping me, but the developers and the work that I showcase. Please continue to do so, and help support independent developers!

Far Cry Primal

Moving away from independent to more AAA productions, this month saw the release of Far Cry Primal. This was the last title I worked on as a level designer before leaving Ubisoft Montreal. I worked on the title up until the end of the game’s alpha phase, upon which point I returned to the UK and joined the Star Citizen team, but not before leaving an Assassin’s Creed reference in one of the levels I designed…

I’ve yet to play the finished game as I’ve been busy playing some indie greats such as SUPER HOT, Devil Daggers and Firewatch… but I’m sure I’ll get around to picking it up to see how the parts of the game I worked on turned out after my departure.

Although I missed the mid month update for February, you can expect one for March, given that Jack B. Nimble is getting close to completion and I have progress to share.

Until next update, have a good one.