End Of Month Update – April 2016

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April turned out to be as busy as predicted. A month of birthdays, bank holiday weekends and game jams, thinned my opportunities to keep up with my #screeenshotsaturday deadlines, as well as mid-month updates, hence this late April post.

Ludum Dare

My Strange Alien Friend

I’m currently writing a short post-mortem on my (rather negative) experiences during this game jam. Until then, you can read my Ludum Dare blog posts below.

I don’t feel comfortable linking to the game until I’ve properly explained my experiences and observations during the jam. I hope my post-mortem will at least inform and educate future participants of game jams by explaining what went wrong. You can expect that post on Noonan.Design in the next couple of days.

Jack B. Nimble

In much lighter news, I’ve certainly made up for last month’s Jack B. Nimble development slump; the game is closing in on what I’m going to call “Alpha”. This milestone will be both content and feature complete and ready for testing amongst my pals before I cast a wider net (you can be my pals too)! The cutoff point for the aforementioned content and features will be Sunday night, so I’ve been busy beavering away over the last couple of days, which brings me nicely to my next topic.

Jack B. Nimble Twitch Devstream ArchiveI mentioned Twitch briefly last month and due to my infrequent updates to my various forum devlogstumblr, etc. I thought I’d start streaming my development over Twitch as a means to motivate myself and communicate my progress with Jack B. Nimble. It may even create an opportunity to get live feedback on the game! I’ve been streaming daily for a week now, and I’m starting to find my feet. I’ve already managed to help a couple of Construct developers with some problems and I feel that the game has had a little more exposure – always a good thing.

You can watch my twitch stream and/or any archive streams here:

Feel free to pop by and say “hi”!

Last month I also talked about task tracking on Trello, and while I’m still loosely updating this, I’m not a big fan of the interface and I don’t think I will be using it for future projects. I’ve just started using HacknPlan, and so far so good; a much better interface than Trello and game production focused to boot. If you’re aware of any other task tracking software, please let me know!

This weekend I’ll be working on a new video devlog to discuss some of the changes I’ve made to the game as well as highlighting a couple of the benefits I’ve experienced by hosting a Twitch devstream.

New Project

I’m not ready to talk about this yet, as I am 100% focused on completing Jack B. Nimble. I am also still deciding which route I am going to take…

#ScreenshotSaturday Showcase

I know this has been the primary form of content on the site since it’s birth, but I’ll be skipping it this weekend in order to focus on the Alpha milestone for Jack B. Nimble. Normal business will resume soon enough. I’ve had some new ideas on how to improve the format too!

Until next update, have a good one!