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Now In Development: “ND1”

By October 1, 2018September 1st, 2020No Comments

Last October during the various #Blocktober festivities I announced that I was working on a retro FPS dubbed “ND2”. I’m sorry to say that this project is now on hold. However, in it’s place, I’m pleased to announce a new first person exploration game, going by the working title of “ND1”.

Why “on hold”?

The main reason for putting ND2 on hold was so that I could focus on my overall workflow and improve my familiarity with Unreal Engine 4. ND1 will provide me with the opportunity to build a structured level design and art pipeline, whilst giving me the chance to cut my teeth on some Blueprint scripting. Crucially this will be without combat or any great amount of artificial intelligence getting in the way. This was quickly becoming a bottle neck during the development of the previous project.

So what’s ND1?

Thirty Flights of LovingNow to explain a little of my intentions going forward. ND1 will be short, atmospheric adventure game set during the first world war. Players will explore the trenches of war-torn France to discover clues and reveal details of their past. I’m aiming for the game to sit somewhere between “Dear Esther” and “Thirty Flights of Loving”. So far I have a test area setup and have started on a number of mechanics. Here are a couple of videos to help sell the idea.

Show me somethin’ will ya!

Firstly, here’s the first mechanic I built for the game, a simple draw opening blueprint. Please excuse the light-hearted tone and whimsical aesthetic! I wasn’t sure where I was going with the idea at first…

Secondly, here is the initial beauty corner I completed in order to define an art style and tone for the game. The audio was created in post, but is representative of the style I want to go for.

Next up, a short intro scene to test first person cinematics. Key moments of the game will include camera controlled animations to help sell the impact of a moment or interaction.

And finally here is an update showing the current state of movement and the overall fidelity of interior spaces. If you listen you can hear that I’ve already setup some basic physical materials to allow for varied footstep sounds. Also this scene highlights my first attempt at low frame rate keyframed animation on a 3D model (in this case the candle flame).

As you can see, it’s still early days, but I just thought it was about time that I shared what I was working on post Jack B. Nimble. Throughout the month of #Blocktober I’ll be sharing progress on ND1 as well as a look back at Pearly, my entry for the Mapcore Door Challenge last month.

If you’d like to leave any feedback or discuss the project, or watch my progress as it happens, feel free to join the Discord.