Project 2: “ND2”

By October 9, 2017 May 20th, 2018 No Comments
ND2 Update 1

I was prompted by #Blocktober to start a new project where I could perhaps flex some level design muscle whilst building a new game. In the past I’ve thought about starting a Quake level or building something for CS:GO, but it just felt like that would be time better spent on creating a whole new game to follow up Jack B. Nimble.

Currently titled, “ND2” the game is a basic FPS – my current reference points are Quake, Goldeneye 007, Hotline Miami and Time Crisis. These references will mean a little more in coming updates. I’m building the game in Unreal Engine 4 version 4.17 with a mixture of 3D models and 2D sprites.

Here’s a tweet to the video, I’d appreciate any feedback, retweets or likes! For those interested, the music in the background is from the unreleased soundtrack to The Opera: Release 2;¬†Henry Lai – “Sean the Redeemed Assassin (Instrumental)”. Perhaps I will release this soon…


  • Basic movement
  • Jumping
  • First pass strafe camera sway
  • Camera shake
  • Placeholder jump sound
  • Projectile based shooting
  • Projectile model
  • Placeholder weapon sound
  • Projectile impact decal (bullet hole)
  • Physics dummy enemies
  • Basic test level
  • Basic crate models (to prove Blender to Unreal pipeline)

I look forward to sharing more progress soon. I’m sorry for the lack of an update last month. This was because I was sick, had a lot on at work and didn’t get up to much…

Oh, and I’m not talking about Jack B. Nimble for Steam right now.

Until next time!