ND2: Update 3 “Doors and pickups”

By October 16, 2017 May 20th, 2018 No Comments
ND2 Update 3

After sharing the previous updates with a couple of friends, I received feedback to drop both enemy and player health in order to keep the pace fast and difficulty high.So, I dropped enemy health, but as the enemies still can’t kill nor damage the player, the difficulty remains non-existent. Maybe in the next update? Another request was to add breakables and usable doors to the level. I assume in a hope to add some dynamic elements to the game.

I spent a little time working out how to use Unreal Engine’s destructible system in conjunction with my projectile/raycast hybrid shooting model. I achieved some success, but feel that I need to make some custom assets to support this before going any further. I’ve put that work aside for something more closely tied with functionality (but expect explodey things in a future update). The bulk of my time was spent on the other request, usable doors.

ND2 Doors

Doors caused a much larger headache than I had anticipated, mostly because I went for the superior (yet unrealistic) two-way door. Why “superior” you ask? Because they allow for continual forward motion, no matter which way you’re pathing through the level. My goal is to maintain flow throughout levels to keep the pace fast. That being said, these were a nightmare to script in Blueprint. Remember, I’m still very new to this. I put a lot of time into them, and they’re now pretty robust. There are a couple of issues; one involving AI interactions with the doors, and another where doors basically ignore player collision whilst they’re rotating. Not perfect, but functional.

Additionally I wanted to move forward with the weapon/item system. The current plan is to use sprites for player weapons, so I added a placeholder weapon sprite. We’ll see how that goes.

Here’s a tweet to the video, I’d appreciate any feedback, retweets or likes! The music playing in the background is “Throw Some D’s (Frigate Mix)” by Rich Boy from the Gold N’ Fly 007 remix album by Alex Kresovich.


  • Added two way doors!
  • Player can now pickup weapons from crates
  • Early weapon select work (can pickup different weapons, but cannot swap nor drop)
  • Placeholder pickup sound
  • Added placeholder weapon sprites (currently using variations of the decal sprite)
  • Placeholder sound for enemy deaths
  • Enemies now die a little quicker
  • Enemies now vanish a couple of seconds after death (don’t worry, there will be a better solution later)
  • A little more work on the “warehouse” test level
  • Removed some sample content textures from the project
  • Removed motion blur (it looked awful on the 2D sprites)

I know that it’s not the flashiest of updates, but it’s a solid update to the foundations of the game. I’m really enjoying this project so far, so expect more updates soon.

Until next time!