ND2: Update 2 “AI”

By October 13, 2017 May 20th, 2018 No Comments
ND2 Update 2

I hope I can keep up this quick turnaround on updates. After the initial work customising the Unreal first person shooter template as well as some preliminary blocking out, I thought it was time to add some AI. I began by making the static dummies shoot back, then added some pathfinding to get them to move and shoot.

Yes, the hilarious jump sound is from Quake. Rather than spend time up front making audio, I’m using what I deem suitable as placeholder.

Here’s a tweet to the video, as ever, I’d appreciate any feedback, retweets or likes! The music you can hear playing in the background is a demo of “Ruiner” by Nine Inch Nails.


  • Basic AI in place – enemies now shoot at the player
  • Jump landing sound
  • Player speed tweaks
  • Player jump height tweaks
  • Enemy projectiles – these move slower than the player’s projectiles in order to allow players to strafe dodge incoming shots
  • Placeholder enemy weapon sound
  • Enemies now have health and can die
  • Enemies physicalise and can be shot/pushed around once dead
  • Extended test level

I always like to keep myself interested when doing some of the more “dull” scripting tasks (blueprint is still a mystery to me), so I like to add some fluff features to keep things exciting. In this case I attempted animate some bullet holes. Here’s a bonus video showing my failed attempt to animate decals…

I’ve yet to find a way to stop the playback of looped flipbook materials, so I’m going to put that effect aside for now.

Until next time!